Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas time, and thus the end of this year. I want to say a few words before year's end to calm any anxieties that Ellie had tied me up and is about to ship me off to a foreign land.  Ellie and I have been so blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve our Father in a different country.  There is need all over the world, “The harvest is plentiful  but workers are few,”  according to Matthew 9:32.  We feel led to Guatemala.  We have had someone give His life for us out of His love for us never asking for repayment because He knew we could never could repay.  You and I as humans have a debt that we can never wipe clear.  Understanding this, I am moved to do what I can to exemplify and share this love that has been given to me with others.  As we grow closer and closer to our fund raising goal, Ellie and I are scared yet excited.  Scared by the “whats?” and “hows?”, but comforted and excited by the opportunity to share the good news with others.  A passage that comes to mind in this circumstance is Matthew 6:26, and the answer is, "Yes, we are worth more than birds."  If one Son gave His life for mine surly we can follow His Father to Guatemala.

Going to Guatemala is not a task that can be accomplished by us alone.  You, our family, friends, coworkers and supporters, are helping us.  You have been a huge part in this as well.  With you being obedient and sensitive to Gods voice, you have helped bring us to almost 50%  of the funds needed in 8 months. Praise God! And thank you! We are encouraged by your prayers, questions and interest in what God is doing in our lives.  Please keep them coming Ellie and I love any opportunity to talk bout what is going on.  We also enjoy hearing from you.  Please tell us if we can pray for or do anything for you.  God has already shown us things we have not imagined and has brought us places we have never been and you have been with us.  We ask you to please prayerfully consider remembering us as well as what God is doing in Guatemala in the new year. 

Tis the season!  Happy Birthday Jesus! Our prayer for everyone is you have a safe and blessed Christmas.  We ask that you take a moment away from the cooking, wrapping and last minute shopping and reflect on the real reason we have a Christmas.  That is the birth of our Savior. The One who came, lived a perfect life, and died so that we may have a chance at everlasting life.  

Thank you for your interest once again, and I promise those of you who missed Ellie will have her back next time.

Until then have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.


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