Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And Then There Were THREE!

That's right! Baby Carr will be here this September!  We are already in love!  Baby Carr will arrive here in the states before we leave for Guatemala this fall.  To date, God has provided seventy percent of the funds we need to move to Guatemala and begin ministry there, so we anticipate being fully-funded and ready to move this October or November.  We are continually amazed at God's perfect timing, and although there are times when we get impatient, seeing how the timing of everything is working together continues to amaze us.

Photo courtesy of Jaelyn Weiden at Capturing Bliss Photography
We have been asked many times over the past few weeks whether having a baby would change or delay our decision to move to Guatemala.  The answer, truthfully, is not really.  The only delay that we might have is waiting for Baby Carr's social security card, passport, and other necessary documents to be filed in order to move, hopefully no more that a few weeks.  We have both clearly felt God's call to work in Guatemala, and have seen his faithfulness to us so far during our journey to get there.

As a Christian, I find that it is all too easy to take things that God has given us, and put them on the throne in our lives where He should be.  For instance, it is easy to think of examples of people who are extremely talented athletically or who have been blessed with a great job, but then turn around and make that sport the god of their life or idolize that job and its paycheck until it ends up pulling them further away from God in the long run.  In my own life, I find it especially easy to do with work, hobbies, and even my spouse.  Family was undoubtedly created by God to paint a picture of His love for us, but it shouldn't replace Him as the God of our lives.  God has given us this baby to parent, love, and nurture, but he or she shouldn't be something that we idolize and put in place of worshipping and serving Him.  Instead, we look forward to expanding our family in a way that continues to bring glory to God's name.  He called us to Guatemala first, and has now given us an addition to our family to incorporate into our ministry there.  How exciting (and I won't lie, slightly terrifying) is that?!

Photo courtesy of Jaelyn Weiden at Capturing Bliss Photography
In other news, James made it back safely from his trip to Guatemala last week.  He really enjoyed getting to know the team of high school students from Asbury UMC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as continuing to develop relationships with the Guatemalans involved in the ministry there.

We also listed our house to sell about two weeks ago in preparation for our move to Guatemala.  We have had several people look at it already, and are excited to be one step closer to moving to Guatemala next fall.  For anyone who might be interested, the link to information on our house is:

We appreciate continued prayers for our preparation to leave this coming fall to Guatemala, including the sale of our current home.  In addition we are asking for prayers for Baby Carr's health, development, and future until he or she arrives in September.  We understand that we are not yet completely parents, as we have not given birth yet, so it is easier said than done to continue to keep God first in our lives.  We are convinced that everything will change and we will be experiencing a completely new type of love when this child arrives, but continue to pray for us and with us that we will remain focused on sharing God's love and making His name known both outside and within the walls of our family.

Thank you all again so much for the continued prayer and support.  We grow more excited as the time grows nearer and nearer to see how God's plans continue to unfold.

JamesandEllie / Author & Editor

James and Ellie Carr have been missionaries in Gautemala since 2014 and write to share their feelings and how they have experienced God's goodness and mercy on the mission field.


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